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Fall? (Part 2)

Or “I can haz bonze plz?”


Oh The Silly Things You Do

Redlight/Greenlight, Kitty Style

When Kitties find a Kitty-Sized Hole…



This is the kitty that encouraged me to pursue a Scottish Fold to adopt!! She’s the most famous Fold in Brooklyn and has her own website:
Isn’t she sweet? She’s older than my girls - but these videos are from when she was a small fry!!

Katamari Montage - Kawaii baby

Katamari and the robot dog


This One Goes Out to You!

Music for Kitties:

Sparta aka mean kitty


Magical Montage

I even love the song!


Cat + Stairs + Video Capture!

Backward somersaults are great! ACCIDENTAL ones? I daresay BETTER!

>^..^<, PMD

Fall? Not exactly…

Serious boxhab intervention time pal!

>^..^<, PMD

Cat Choreography

They don’t actually fall down at all, but it IS a video from youtube including cats!!


Market Research

Unlike the admin, I don’t even have to turn on my computer to see cats falling down! I am the proud mom of twin kitties who prove time and again that, if not ALL cats, my cats are klutzy!!

Po and Neko as bebehs

Po and Neko as bebehs

Just TODAY, I had a stack sheets of paper (a printed medical article really) on the edge of the end table… Of course, Po (the Tortoiseshell British Shorthair) makes the jump (and the slide off the pages and the quick trip to the floor again!).

That’s funnier than Neko (the black Scottish Fold) and her (multiple) trips off the edge of the bed at night. She’s so silly! If she was the only cat you knew, you’d never believe those tales: cats see well in the dark, cats land on their feet, cats are graceful…

Just the memories make me laugh out loud — I hope you can conjure a mental image with the same outcome!!


Best 3 Seconds on the Internet

This cat is great!

Let’s see that again!!

Oh MAN! Good stuff!!